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School Clubs

Before and after school 

After school clubs


In addition to our Breakfast Club and Kangaroo Club, we also offer various free extra curricular clubs. These are updated termly. A letter is sent home at the start of term which you can use to sign your child up for these clubs. 


All of these extra curricular clubs finish at 4:00pm.



Outdoor explorers, Reception and Y1, Miss Farnham. 

Colouring / How to draw, Y2-Y6, Mr Greenwood

Ipads / Board games, Y3-6. Mrs Morren

Competition gymnastics, Y1-6, Mrs Carter



Illustrations and stories, Y3-6, Mrs Mantle

Running, Y1-6, Mrs Carter

Art Club, Y3-6, Mrs McDonough and Mrs Donaldson

Small world, Reception - Y2, Mrs Gourley and  Mrs Matues

Phonics Booster, Miss Farnham, Reception



Large apparatus, R-Y6, Mrs Carter

Ipads, Y3-4, Miss Witty

Gardening, Y3-6, Mrs Morren and Miss Skinner

Disney Singing, R-Y1, Mrs Jobson,

Litter picking, Y5-6, Mr Worthington

Lego, Y1-6, Miss Roddham