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Ensuring all children feel happy, safe and loved



Our first character virtue focus is ‘belonging’. The children will be supported to settle into their new school or new class, and have contributed to their class rules that allow everyone to be 'happy, safe and loved'. We want all of our children to feel confident to be themselves and show their individuality, with the reassurance that they will be accepted and valued in their new Beech Hill community. We love to know more about the children and the different communities to which they belong to and often send home challenges to explore this. 

We like the children to draw a picture, share a photo or write about the different communities that they belong to.
Examples of different communities-
-Local community/area
-Club or sporting group
-church or religion
The children’s work will be shared with their class to support the children and teachers to get to know one another even better.
Class teachers will be giving 'cracking character' awards out each week for children that demonstrate our key virtue.


Miss Farnham and Mrs Gourley