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Assessment Without Levels



The way in which progress and attainment will be reported to parents is changing due to the abolition of National Curriculum Levels. The new curriculum sets out clear expectations for each year group in reading, writing and maths and your child’s attainment will be judged against these. In place of the old levelling system, which many of you were familiar with, there will be a new reporting system which is similar to the current system for reporting attainment at the end of reception. Teachers will continue to use day to day formative assessment and summative assessments to make judgements about your child. These will be communicated with you in the usual way through termly parent consultations (where you will also have the opportunity to look at your child’s work) and mid-term/annual reports.



EMERGING – A child is working towards the expected standards for that year group


EXPECTED – A child is working at age expected level


EXCEEDING – A child has achieved all of the key performance indicators for that year group and has met other requirements for that year group too


The vast majority of children will be working within the requirements for their year group. Some children will still be working within the year below. Schools are discouraged from pushing children forward into the requirements for the year above and instead have a focus on developing mastery.


MASTERY – A child has a deep understanding of a particular performance indicator for their year group. They are confident in applying their knowledge in this area across the curriculum and in a range of problem solving situations.


To sit alongside these descriptors, we have created a point scale in order that we can record progress in points. The scale below will be used for children in years 1 to 6 (reception points will only be used for children who are still working from the Early Years Curriculum when they are in year 1). Early Years will continue to use the Development Matters document when making judgements, Early Excellence to gain start of reception baseline information and The Foundation Stage Profile to record End of Reception Attainment.