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Open Discussions About Digital Lives

Tuesday 7th February is Safer Internet Day. While children's safety online is important single every day, Safer Internet Day gives us the chance to remind children and inform parents and carers of the importance of online safety.


Safer Internet Day began in the EU in 2004. Each year it has a different theme.

This year's theme is;


"Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online". 


A survey carried out by National Online Safety last year (taking in more than 1,000 UK parents and carers) found that more than one in six – 18% – never talk to their child about staying safe online. There are many quite understandable reasons for this, such as feeling that their child is still too young, or assuming that they’re being taught online safety at school.

The fact remains, however, that regular conversations about our digital lives can help children keep online safety firmly in mind and avoid many common internet hazards. 


The guide below, produced by National Online Safety has some ideas for starting these beneficial chats with children – such as letting them know that you’re taking a keen interest in their digital lives without making it feel like an interrogation.


We will be holding an assembly to mark Safer Internet Day and the children will have the opportunity to discuss their thoughts about online safety in the classroom.