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  • Latest attendance figures

    Fri 19 Apr 2024 Mrs Woodward and Mr Rowlandss


    The winners of the 5 minutes extra play time with 96.7% were 4M.




    The winners of the half term attendance chart and therefore winners of the hotdog and movie afternoon are.... 2G. So a big well done to Mr Greenwood and his Griffins! 


    Class and attendance

    F2A 90.4%

    F2B 91.7%

    1KJ 93.1%

    1D 84.1%

    2G 92.7%

    2MR 94.2%

    3W 93.3%

    3B 87.9%

    4M 96.7%

    4HM 91.7%

    5MA 92.5%

    5RW 84.2%

    6TL 87.5%

    6MW 90%

    SCHOOL 90.7%

  • Weekly Award Winners

    Fri 19 Apr 2024 Mr Rowlands


    Cracking Character of the Week-

    AM- Ellis Renwick

    PM- Ollie Hayles



    Reader of the Week – Ella Holmes

    Writer of the Week – Evie Goodall

    Mathematician of the Week – Amari-Rose Sajawal

    Cracking Character of the Week – James Markov



    Reader of the Week – Nel McGlen

    Writer of the Week – Sethuli Jayathilake

    Mathematician of the Week – Ayla Pritchard

    Cracking Character of the Week – Isabella Grabham



    Reader of the Week – Bethel

    Writer of the Week – Aston McRoberts

    Mathematician of the Week – Carl Walker

    Speller of the week –  Baey Thompson



    Reader of the Week –Quinn Bennett-Mouter

    Writer of the Week – Kilali Peters

    Mathematician of the Week – Jacob Spence

    Speller of the week –  Abbie Williamson

    Cracking Character of the Week – Ellsie-Louise Styles



    Reader of the Week – Joey Featherstone

    Writer of the Week – Mason Battitsta

    Mathematician of the Week – Adam Khalil

    Speller of the week –  Alesha Ahmad

    Cracking Character of the Week – Kai Rowe



    Reader of the Week – Emilia Marshall

    Writer of the Week – Max Anderson

    Mathematician of the Week – Darla Dunwoodie

    Speller of the week –  Rocco Battista

    Cracking Character of the Week – Lenix Miller



    Reader of the Week – Olivia Darrington

    Writer of the Week – Charlie Jardine

    Mathematician of the Week – Ellie-Jo Robson

    Speller of the week – Kyron Patten

    Cracking Character of the Week – Thea Barnes



    Reader of the Week – Lacie Gallon

    Writer of the Week – Ella-Grace Ridley

    Mathematician of the Week – Isla Lowdon

    Speller of the week –  William Brown

    Cracking Character of the Week – Hunter Eadington



    Reader of the Week – Mariama Jallow

    Writer of the Week – Josie Donaldson

    Mathematician of the Week – Payton-May Barton

    Speller of the week –  Oma Ngene

    Cracking Character of the Week – Freyja Briggs



    Reader of the Week – Chloe Moulding

    Writer of the Week – George Roach

    Mathematician of the Week – Dexter Williams

    Speller of the week –  Dolly Cavagin

    Cracking Character of the Week – Marshall Robson



    Reader of the Week – Joey Slater

    Writer of the Week – Divine Onomor

    Mathematician of the Week – Tilly Yeoman

    Speller of the week – Suzanna Howard

    Cracking Character of the Week – Maurya Patel



    Reader of the Week – Oliver Tierney

    Writer of the Week – Rosie Stewart

    Mathematician of the Week – Perri Chapman

    Speller of the week – Tessa Maughan

    Cracking Character of the Week – Idrees Ahmad



    Reader of the Week – Jaxson Coyle

    Writer of the Week –  Freddy Patterson

    Mathematician of the Week – Lainey Dixon

    Speller of the week –  David Gibbon

    Cracking Character of the Week – Thomas Barnes



    Reader of the Week – Savannah Tullin

    Writer of the Week – Skylah Douglas

    Mathematician of the Week – Daisy Willis

    Speller of the week –  Ben Rochester

    Cracking Character of the Week – Eesha Amjad

  • Spelling Bee

    Fri 22 Mar 2024 Mr Rowlands

    In our main hall this morning, children have been taking part in our Spelling Bee! Six children from each year group from Y1 to 6 were been picked to represent their year group.  


    After hours of competition, it all boiled down to six finalists, one from each year group.


    Brody, Harlie, Masroor, Dolly, Ryan and Aryan were the six finalists.


    In the end, it all came down to a showdown between Masroor from Year 3 and Harlie from Year 2. 


    And Masroor was the winner! 


    We're so proud of everyone who took part - you all showed what amazing spellers you are. 

  • 30 hours free childcare for working parents

    Fri 22 Mar 2024 Newcastle City Council

    30 hours free childcare for working parents


    Some working parents will be entitled to an extra 15 hours early education or childcare for their three or four year old child. If you are eligible you can have 30 hours instead of the usual 15 hours over 38 weeks per year. This can be stretched over more than 38 weeks. Eligibility starts the term after your child’s third birthday as with the universal entitlement. Please click the link for more information.

  • Parents and Carers Online Safety

    Fri 22 Dec 2023 Mr Rowlands

    Our friends at Gem Education have created a short video for parents and carers about online safety at Christmas. If your child has asked Santa for a new piece of technology this Christmas, this video will be worth a watch to give advice on how to keep them safe. 

    Please just tap the link below.

  • NHS Healthier Together

    Fri 08 Dec 2023 Mr Rowlands

    There is a new website from the NHS called Healthier Together.


    We think you will find this website useful as it gives advice on things like whether you need to keep your children off school or not if they are feeling unwell. 


    This page provides a helpful chart of green, amber and red which shows which illnesses you can go to school with, and those which require your child to stay off. 



    There is also helpful information on the website about a range of matters including measles and high temperatures. 


  • Easy Fundraising

    Fri 24 Nov 2023 Mr Greensitt and Mr Rowlands

    Did you know you can raise FREE donations for Beech Hill Primary School EVERY time you shop online? Just use easyfundraising! 


    easyfundraising partners with over 7,000 brands who will donate part of what you spend and it won't cost you any extra. The cost is covered by the brand. If you make a purchase, a commission is generated, and they turn that into a donation for us - magic!


    The brands are all big names like eBay, John Lewis & Partners, Argos, ASOS, Expedia, M&S, Just Eat, Uswitch and many more! 


    Please visit:

  • School Dog

    Fri 17 Nov 2023 Mrs Eatock

    Dear Parents/Families,


    As you may know, we are lucky enough to have a new addition in  school in the form of another English Springer Spaniel, just like our much loved current school dog, Ted. Like him, Daisy is Kennel Club registered and has all up to date vaccinations and health checks.


    Daisy will be based in Year 5 and will be trained to the same high standards that Ted has been trained to. All children will have training on how to behave and stay safe around a young puppy and dogs in general. 


    Please remember that no other dogs are permitted on the school grounds.


    Many Thanks


    Mrs Eatock

    Head Teacher



  • Spare wellies

    Fri 10 Nov 2023 Mr Worthington

    A special message from our School Council:

    Now that winter weather is rolling in ❄️ do you have any spare wellies you could donate to our school? 👞


    Thank you



  • New Class Names!

    Fri 14 Jul 2023 Mr Rowlands

    As part of our moving up morning, the children and teachers spend time choosing their new class animal name. This year we've put a little bit of a twist on it as we've allowed some mythic creatures too!


    Nursery - The Bears (Miss Farnham) 

    Reception F2A - The Seals (Mrs Carter / Mrs Dickenson)

    Reception F2B - The Starfish (Mrs Gourley)

    1JK - The Hoglets (Mrs Jobson / Mrs Kemp)

    1D - The Elephants (Mrs Donaldson) 

    2G - The Griffins (Mr Greenwood)

    2MR - The Highland Cows (Mrs March / Mrs Rainford)

    3B - The Penguins (Mr Burns)

    3W - The Baby Pandas (Miss Whitty)

    4HM - The Trolls (Mrs Higgins and Mrs Mantle)

    4M - The Arctic Foxes (Mrs Morren)

    5MR - The Dragons (Mrs McDonough / Miss Roddham)

    5RW - The Phoenixes (Mr Rowlands and Mr Wooton)

    6MW - The Magpies (Mrs Manning / Mr Worthington)

    6TL - The Giant Pandas (Mrs Telfer / Mrs Lisle)