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Year 3 Book Hunt

Our new Literacy unit is ‘Adventure and Mystery.’ Some of us took part in a summer book hunt and today we got the chance to hide some books for younger children. 3M hid 15 ‘Horrid Henry’ books on the KS1 yard for Y1 and Y2 to find. 3SR hid 15 books in the Early Years garden and we watched them hunt! Some people made a comic strip about this.


“It was really fun, I hid mine in the boat.”

“I really enjoyed it.”

“This will be great for the little ones so not only can they read a new book but they will learn too.”

“This will be exciting for them.”

“Children love going outside so a book hunt will be fun.”

“I was happy to see them find new books.”

“I loved watching the children finding books, it was cute.”

“We put our book in the green barrel. It took them a while to find it.”

“I loved watching the little ones run in to find the books.”

“It made my heart melt, it made me happy.”


Report by Amelia B, Amelia T, Joshua, Rory, Mia, Legion, Gisellatyne, Sophie, Livinia, Lilly-Anne, Macie, Jack W and Jamie.