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Year 3 at Scotswood

This week, Year 3 visited Scotswood Nature Gardens as part of their work on plants in Science. It was a very busy day with lots of activities.


The children really enjoyed going pond dipping and identifying the little creatures they had caught, including a dragon fly nymph and a newt.


The children learned about caddis flies and the amazing camouflaged casings the make for themselves. We then went off an collected things from the woods to create a caddis fly style disguise for our friends. 


In the afternoon, we used stickers of bees on our fingers to help pollinate flowers. The children have been learning about the parts of flowers and how they disperse their seeds in Science. Then we went to watch the busy bees at their hives and we learned some fascinating bee facts.


Finally, we planted some sunflower and broad bean seeds in pots made out of newspaper, which are better for the environment as they are biodegradable.


It was a fun day and the children did Beech Hill proud with their behaviour and their super answers!