Week 5, Summer Term, 17th May


Weekly Overview: 17th May

o   Day 1 – Children watch a dance video tutorial and read written instructions. They annotate the text for instruction features. They take notes from another video and write their own instructions.

o   Day 2 – Children explore explanations about the Saturn V rocket. They answer questions about the rocket.

o   Day 3 – Children read instructions and an explanation about the same subject. They read further instructions/explanations and answer questions. They write their own set of instructions or explanation.   

o   Day 4 – Children listen to a reading of The Day of Ahmed’s Secret. They practise past tense and then write about themes in the story.

o   Day 5 – Work through the Powerpoint presentation. Children examine images from the book. They listen to the story again and write sentences in perfect and progressive form about the images. They write reflective answers about the book.   


We are moving on with our algebra unit nicely this week to begin to solve equations.





Solve one step equations

Sheet- choose the right level for you


Solve two-step equations

https://vimeo.com/503005898 and sheet


Solve two step equations

Sheet- choose the right level for you


Find pairs of values 1

https://vimeo.com/502664420 and sheet


Find pairs of values 2

https://vimeo.com/503100955 and sheet