Week 4, Summer Term, 10th May

Literacy plan- 10.5.21



We are continuing with our work on dragons this week. Have a look through the booklet and complete Activity 4. You need to draw a dragon and label it with descriptive language. Remember to include expanded noun phrases, adverbs and relative clauses.



Complete Activity 5. This is to write your own newspaper report, there is an example which you can use and change the key information or, if you are feeling more confident, you can write one independently.



Complete Activity 6 which is to plan your own advert. Use the boxing up sheet on page 12 of the booklet to help you structure your advert.



Reading Comprehension- Victorious Vikings. Read through the information and answer the questions. There are 3 different levels- choose the one you feel most comfortable with.




This week’s spellings are spellings containing the ear sound spelt as “ere”

 Please make sure you understand the meaning of each word so you can use them in your writing.



Please complete one of the grammar mats.