World Autism Awareness Week

29th March 2020
World Autism Awareness Week
30th March - 5th April
This week is World Autism Awareness Week. Each year in school during World Autism Awareness Week we have lessons about Autism in our classrooms and Mrs Lisle gives an assembly to the school about it too. This year, even though we are not in school, we still want to teach children about Autism. Below is a presentation about Autism for you to download. It contains a story called A Different Kind of Brilliant that we would love you to read with your children. There's also an activity that you might like to do which can be uploaded to Dojo and some further reading suggestions. 

Can you draw a puzzle piece and ask your child to decorate it with things they like, their favourite colour, games, animals  or food. Upload it to Dojo.

Explain how each puzzle piece will be different, but they all come together to make something beautiful. Just like each child is unique, but together make a wonderful class and a fantastic world. Every puzzle piece (and child) has something special to add that no other piece has.

If you want to take this conversation further, you can talk about how some things are hard for one person, but easy for another. In a puzzle, it is easy for a corner piece to fit a corner, but a middle piece could never do that job. Someone might be good at naming all of the different kinds of dinosaurs or solving really hard math problems, but that same person might not know how to play football.

We've put some example of what your jigsaws might look like below.