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The Lemurs

BBC Microbit Version 2s

Coding with gadgets


We had two Computing lessons on Tuesday this week instead of one because Mr Rowlands invited his colleague Mr Hughes from GEM Education into school to help teach us how to use BBC Microbit Version 2s.


When we were in Year 3, Mrs Donaldson taught up how to use BBC Microbits. This week though, we became the first children in school to use the brand new  Microbit 2s! They now have a speaker, a microphone and a touch sensor. 


Working in pairs, we first reminded ourselves how to plug the Microbits in and to display images on the screen. 

Then we explored the new features of the Microbits. We coded them to play melodies, to respond to our voices using the microphones and to respond to our touch.


The coding got more complicated and the algorithms on our screen grew longer towards the end of the day as we learned to program LED lights which we attached with crocodile clips. We made some fabulous rainbow displays. 

5M at Pizza Express

We made our own pizzas! 


What better way to end a DT topic about making pizzas than a trip to an actual pizza restaurant to see how the professionals do it! 5M got to visit Pizza Express in the Metro Centre where all the children made a pizza from scratch. The children loved it and everyone left with their own freshly cooked pizza in a box! 


Thanks Pizza Express!  

5M at the Discovery Museum

Santa vs Science Workshop


Earlier this week, 5M visited the Discovery Museum in Newcastle to take part in a Santa vs Science workshop. The children worked on a series of experiments in teams including building air powered sleighs and to see how quickly they could wrap up a present.



There was also time for a look around the rest of the Discovery Museum afterwards. The children loved trying on costumes in the History exhibition and playing with all the fun experiments in the Science zone. 

Behaviour was brilliant throughout the whole trip and the children really did us proud. 

Science Workshop


Some children took part in a 3 day cycling activity.