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Taking photos on ipads

Our maths working wall

In Computing, the children learned to take photos on an ipad for use in this blog. As a blog also contains writing, we asked the children to choose one photo and help me write sentences to describe it. They chose their maths working wall as the main photo they wanted to describe. The children's sentences are below. They practised typing these sentences up on a keyboard during Computing. 


This wall helps us with maths because it’s got some numbers on.
We use it, and so does Mrs March and Mrs Rainford.
It shows Mrs Eatock what we’ve been doing in our work. 
We got an ipad, took a photo and plugged in the orange lead into the computer.

Below are some more photos the children took of the classroom. They practised holding the ipad the right way up, keeping it steady so it wouldn't blur and keeping the camera uncovered.


They also learned to stay safe by not taking photos of each other as not all children want their photos to be online. 

Mr Rowlands