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Supporting Making Winter Warmer

We thought you'd like to read this very kind post from a lady called Andrea Wright thanking the children for their efforts in supporting the charity Making Winter Warmer.


We are continually overwhelmed by our members kindness & thoughtfulness.

On Friday night a teacher from Beech Hill met me in Newcastle to handover some sweet treats from the children & staff from the school, thank you all so much for your generous donations.


As well as that Nadine Fielding organised a lunchtime club where the children could come along & write a letter to our street friends, this is such a fantastic idea & the letters were a huge success.


The children were so willing to do this that a staggering 72 of them decided they wanted to take part !!! Amazing 


I put the box on the table & explained what the children had taken time to do, everyone was really touched that they had taken used up their lunchtime to do this.


Some of our friends decided to take them home, some read them while they were there & one young lad took a letter then came back to me when things had quietened down to say he couldn't read so could I read it to him.


Talk about emotional, I had to fight back the tears & compose myself to read the letter to him & I was so taken aback that he took the time to want to know what the child had written.

Thank you all so much for the lovely letters & kind words.