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Wellbeing Week Award Winners

Our Weekly Awards page has a different feel to it this week. Instead of looking at Literacy and Maths, we're celebrating the children's character. Character is an important part of life at Beech Hill, as we teach the children about belonging to their school and community, and about showing resilience, responsibility and kindness. 


Every day this week, the teachers have met children in different classes from all around the school.  We set the teachers the challenge of thinking of 4 children who have shown outstanding character this week while taking part in our many wellbeing activities. 


Mrs Skinner/Mrs Marshall

Belonging – Michael Christian 4M

Kindness – Adam Calvert 1D

Responsibility – Gallagher Dixon Rec A

Resilience – George Roach 4H


Miss Farnham (Nursery)

Belonging –Emily Heads (N)

Kindness – Lewi Smith (N)

Responsibility- Archie Collins (N)

Resilience – Sidra Gebron (N)


Mrs Dickinson

Belonging – Ava Dudding (5MA)

Kindness – Evie Dixon (6TL)

Responsibility – Olivia Henderson (1D)

Resilience – Amari-Rose Sajawal (F2A)


Mrs Lisle/Mrs Telfer

Belonging – Thea Barnes 3B

Kindness – Austin Erskine 2RH

Responsibility – Fran Oxley Reception

Resilience – Sadie Scott 3W


Mrs Gourley

Belonging: Kayden Routledge 1JK

Kindness: October Taylor Fay F2B

Resilience: Adam Calvert 1D

Responsibility: Daisie Robinson 


Mrs Donaldson

Belonging – Rowan Noble-O’Brien (5RW)

Kindness – Mason Wilkinson 3W

Responsibility – Romany Drady (R)

Resilience – George Hull (R)


Mrs Kemp / Mrs Jobson

Belonging –  John Anderson (R)

Kindness – Penelope Sabrinda (Reception)

Responsibility- Finn Atkins (Year 3)

Resilience – Amelia-Rose Tait (4HM)


Mr Greenwood

Belonging – Hollie Lowery (5MA)

Kindness – Darcey Richardson (2G)

Responsibility – Emily MacDonald (4HM)

Resilience – Bobby Jordan Smith (Y3)


Mrs Rainford

Belonging – Hetty Crompton (Reception)

Kindness – Divine Onomor (5MA)

Responsibility- Poppy Small (5RW)

Resilience – Millie Selkirk (Year 4)


Mrs Witty-Ingham

Belonging –Olivia Darrington (3B)

Kindness – Nate Smith (5RW)

Responsibility- Mason Brooman (Reception)

Resilience – Fatimah Azad (4HM)


Mr Burns

Belonging – Ronnie Roach (3W)

Kindness – Roman Coyle (4M)

Responsibility- Oliver Barnes (6TL)

Resilience – Freyja Briggs (4M)


Mrs Higgins

Belonging – Ollie Murray (3W)

Kindness – Theo Bateman (Nursery)

Responsibility – Albi Fletcher (6MW)

Resilience – Nell McGlen (F2B)


Mrs Morren

Belonging – Lavella McGowan 4M

Kindness – Austin Erskine 2MR

Responsibility – Skye Graham 6TL

Resilience – Teddy Cavagin F2B


Mr Rowlands / Mr Wooton

Belonging – Albi Fletcher (6MW)

Kindness – Ayla MacLeod (1KJ)

Responsibility – Lavella Graham (4M)

Resilience – Harley Jackson (5RW)


Mrs Aittis / Mrs McDonough

Belonging – Charlie Pettifer (6MW)

Kindness – Lennox-Storm Harrison Stott (3B)

Responsibility – Riley Kelly (2G)

Resilience -  Marshall Robson (4HM)


Mrs Manning / Mr Worthington

Belonging – Ollie Patterson (4M)

Kindness – Aria Hall (1D)

Responsibility – Bethany Burns (4M)

Resilience – Joey Slater (5MA)