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Weekly Award Winners

It’s that time of the week again! Well done to all of our weekly winners. We are so proud of your hard work and progress. 



Reader of the Week – Aubree Crompton

Writer of the Week – Aiyla Ertukel

Mathematician of the Week – Hailey Liu

Star of the Week – Quinn Bennet-Mouter



Reader of the Week – Elsie Smith

Writer of the Week – Dylan Wilkinson

Mathematician of the Week – Theo Hayles

Star of the Week – Beau Thompson



Reader of the Week – Aghar Moulaba Seyad

Writer of the Week – Willow Robertson

Mathematician of the Week – Ava Finlay

Speller of the Week - Miah Wharton

Star of the Week – Austin Erskine



Reader of the Week – Paul Smith

Writer of the Week – Paisley Shreeve

Mathematician of the Week – Annabelle 

Speller of the week – Max Ford

Star of the Week – Leo Mallet



Reader of the Week – Maddison Allman

Writer of the Week – Jessie Dixon 

Mathematician of the Week – Lucas-Gary Rogerson

Speller of the week – Layla Ertukel

Star of the Week – Grace Mangan



Reader of the Week – Alice Watson

Writer of the Week – Ronnie Roach 

Mathematician of the Week – Isla Lowdon 

Speller of the week – Charlie Scorer

Star of the Week – Charlie Irving 



Reader of the Week – Roman Coyle

Writer of the Week – Lucas Stephenson

Mathematician of the Week – Michael Christian

Speller of the week – Jiya Amin

Star of the Week – Bethany Burn



Reader of the Week – George Roach

Writer of the Week – Roxy Campbell

Mathematician of the Week – Dolly Cavagin

Speller of the week – Amelia-Rose Tait

Star of the Week – Denver Dunwoodie



Reader of the Week – Maurya Patel

Writer of the Week – Logan Swinburne

Mathematician of the Week – Ethan Renwick

Speller of the week – Bailey Dixon

Star of the Week – Emily Valks



Reader of the Week – Poppy Small

Writer of the Week – Naima Kahili 

Mathematician of the Week – Lilly Oetting

Speller of the week – Tony Kelly

Star of the Week – Lenny Quinn



Reader of the Week – Angel Johnston

Writer of the Week – Michael Kirton

Mathematician of the Week – Grace Straughan

Star of the Week – Oscar Mills



Reader of the Week – Ben Rochester

Writer of the Week – Jessica Lewis

Mathematician of the Week – James Hull

Star of the Week – Lucy Byren



Results to follow



Reader of the Week – Macie Taylor

Writer of the Week – Lily-Anne Nevin

Mathematician of the Week – Legion Graham-Curtis

Speller of the week – Tilly White

Star of the Week – Phoebe Donaldson