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Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

It's Friday which means it's that time of the week again when we announce our weekly award winners! 

A huge well done to all of our winners - we're really proud of you all. 



Reader of the Week – Harrison Green-Ogg

Writer of the Week –  Billy White

Mathematician of the Week – Riley Kelly

Star of the Week – Fletcher Briggs



Reader of the Week – Paul Smith

Writer of the Week –  Cassandra Williams

Mathematician of the Week – Rocco Battista

Star of the Week – Joe-Harvey Britt




Reader of the Week – Oliver Graham

Mathematician of the Week – Chase Notman

Speller of the week – Kobe Bartlett

Star of the Week – Harley Armstrong



Reader of the Week – Bobbi-Mae Pearson

Writer of the Week – Ollie Murray

Mathematician of the Week – Maddison Allman

Speller of the week – Finn Atkins

Star of the Week – Ava-Grace Robertson



Reader of the Week – Logan Armstrong

Writer of the Week – Lexi Nealings

Mathematician of the Week – Emily Kirton

Speller of the week – George Roach

Star of the Week – Logan Speckman



Reader of the Week – Frankie Durkan

Writer of the Week – Bethany Burn

Mathematician of the Week – Angela Liu

Speller of the week – Riaan Pathare

Star of the Week – Chloe Moulding



Reader of the Week – Ethan Renwick

Writer of the Week – Maurya Patel

Mathematician of the Week – Abdullah Gebreen

Speller of the week – Demi Marshall

Star of the Week – Jorgie Eadington



Reader of the Week – Charlie Wallace

Writer of the Week – Poppy Small

Mathematician of the Week – Lilly Oetting

Speller of the week – Wayne Fraser

Star of the Week – Harley Jackson



Reader of the Week – Daisy Willis

Writer of the Week – Sam Bennett-Moulter

Mathematician of the Week – Eesha Amjad

Speller of the week – Livia Berkhout

Star of the Week – Callum McAdam



Reader of the Week – Maisie Hall

Writer of the Week – Rhianna Rogers

Mathematician of the Week – Oscar Mills

Speller of the week – Skye Graham

Star of the Week – Sophia Calvert



Reader of the Week – Olivia Battista

Writer of the Week – Ella Field

Mathematician of the Week – Ava McGlen

Speller of the week – Lacey Kew

Star of the Week – Annaya Amjad



Reader of the Week – Reggie Roach

Writer of the Week – Amelia Timney

Mathematician of the Week – Kayden Pringle

Speller of the week – Archie Rowan

Star of the Week – Cristian Gradinariu & Victory Onomar



Reader of the Week – Dhara Amin

Writer of the Week – Astro Miah-Bolam

Mathematician of the Week – Joe Richardson

Speller of the week – Jake Ferguson

Star of the Week – Daniel Billing



Reader of the Week – Kayleigh Levy

Writer of the Week – Poppy Rowell

Mathematician of the Week – Sai Patel

Speller of the week – Jacob Darrington

Star of the Week – Sai Patel