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Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

A huge well done to all of this week's winners - you are doing a super job! 



Reader of the Week – Amelia McRoberts

Writer of the Week – Spencer Ellwood

Mathematician of the Week – Alesha Ahmad

Star of the Week – Ella Gordon



Reader of the Week – Alexandra Raycova

Writer of the Week – Emilia Marshall

Mathematician of the Week – Max Anderson

Star of the Week – Aria Duke



Reader of the Week – Audrey

Writer of the Week – Mason Wilkinson

Mathematician of the Week – Leo Tullin

Speller of the week – Livvy Dixon

Star of the Week – Kobe Bartlett



Reader of the Week –  Mason Wilkinson

Writer of the Week – Olivia Darrington

Mathematician of the Week – Preston Darrington

Speller of the week – Hunter Eadington

Star of the Week – Bobby Jordan Smith



Reader of the Week – Neel Bharti

Writer of the Week – Harley Rose Adamson

Mathematician of the Week – Roxy Campbell

Speller of the week – Korben Butler

Star of the Week – Harley-Rose Adamson



Reader of the Week – Riaan Pathare

Writer of the Week – Ava Fisher

Mathematician of the Week – Daisie Robinson

Speller of the week – Frankie Durkan

Star of the Week – Texas Armstrong



Reader of the Week – Suzanna Howard

Writer of the Week – Jorgie Eadington

Mathematician of the Week – Rowan Noble O’Brien

Speller of the week – Demi Marshall

Star of the Week – Ollie Tierny



Reader of the Week – Elliot Lambert

Writer of the Week – Daegan Drady

Mathematician of the Week – Imogen-Paige Fenwick and Daegan Drady

Speller of the week – Imogen-Paige Fenwick

Star of the Week – MJ Keenan



Reader of the Week – Jasmine Jones

Writer of the Week – Alassane Bamba

Mathematician of the Week – Oliver Barnes

Speller of the week – George Douglas

Star of the Week –Eesha Amjad



Reader of the Week – Jessie-Louise Britt

Writer of the Week – Jahmarley Dlamani

Mathematician of the Week – Frankie Slater

Speller of the week – Jay Fiddes

Star of the Week –  Aryan Hussain



Reader of the Week – Livinia Wakenshaw

Writer of the Week – Jack White

Mathematician of the Week – Phoebe Haswell

Speller of the week – Kayden Beattie

Star of the Week – Jenson Wilson



Reader of the Week – Skye Walton

Writer of the Week – Cruz Turnbull

Mathematician of the Week – Muhammad Azad

Speller of the week – Michael Drady

Star of the Week – Joshua Scott



Reader of the Week – Connor Swinburne

Writer of the Week – Joe Richardson

Mathematician of the Week – Vinnie Thompson

Speller of the week – Ella Liddle

Star of the Week – Connor Swinburne



Reader of the Week – Harsh Patel

Writer of the Week – Jazba Kanwal

Mathematician of the Week – Charly Deniz

Speller of the week – Leon Robinson

Star of the Week – Darcey Smith