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History (The Victorians)

WALT: Carry out my own research about the life of a Victorian child.


We got to use the iPads to do some of our own research about Victorian children and their daily life. We were split up into five groups to research different things; family life, clothes, food, houses and religion. We then had to share our findings to the rest of the class. 

History (The Tudors)

WALT: Why did Henry break with Rome?


After learning about Henry V111 and his life, we have started to look into his six wives and some of the problems he faced being king. We had so much fun in this lesson, learning about his break from Rome. We used some different for and against notes about whether Henry should have been allowed to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon. After having a good discussion within our groups, we then came together to argue our thoughts.


It was a tricky choice to decide which team had the better argument but it was great to see the enthusiasm of all children.


WALT: Ask and answer questions about the Stone Age to Iron Age


We have been learning all about the Stone Age in the autumn term and how it changed to the Iron Age. As part of this lesson, we got the chance to use the iPads to do some of our own research and then create our own posters using pic collage. We worked as partners to use our prior knowledge to questions that we wanted to find out at the beginning of the unit.