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Greggs Summary of Fun and Fed Programme 2017

Our friends at Greggs who kindly sponsor our Breakfast Club have sent us the following summary of their 2017 Fun and Fed programme. We thought you might be interesting in reading about their good work and the progress which has been made.


Summary of 2017 Fun & Fed Programme
As a Foundation it was very important to us that the project was not just about providing access to a meal, but about driving engagement within our communities, safeguarding children, providing volunteering opportunities and social activities with a learning base.

This was proven by the children having access to a range of activities from arts & crafts, drama, cooking lessons, team sports, games, food and cultural education, eating out and day trips, intergenerational projects but equally important they were able to enjoy nutritious meals throughout the day.

Some of the common outcomes across all the projects were not related to food but more to do with the social and community engagement, parent involvement and increased confidence for all participants. The availability of food was just the vehicle driving these additional outcomes.

  •  Increased engagement as families and community work together as teams and look at helping each other
  •  A large proportion of the parents and children would like to attend more sessions to develop their food knowledge, budgetary and cookery skills further
  •  An increased confidence about being able to cook healthy food for their family and being able to shop on a budget
  •  Raised awareness of the importance and benefits of eating together as a family and the social benefits