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Donating Furniture to The Gambia

Over the last year we have had a lot of building and decorating work going on in school, with new classrooms and new furniture being purchased. We didn’t want to just throw away all the old furniture though so Mrs Kemp became involved with a project to ship furniture to a school in The Gambia, Africa.  


Below are some photos and some kind comments from the Headteacher of Atkinson Ashfield Nursery School, Mr. Ebrima Jadama.


Special thanks to Governors, Head teacher Madam Dame Nelson Taylor, staff and pupils of Beech Hill Primary School for their furniture and other school materials our school project in The Gambia through Carolyn Jubb which will be send to our school by a container organised by the Forsters and Jubbs families through the kind gesture of Mr Pau,l who has been helping our school project with container for three years and this one will be his 3rd container to our school. Thanks for all the support which received with honor, and proud.


Mr. Ebrima Jadama, Head teacher, Atkinson Ashfield Nursery School, Busumbala, The Gambia.