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5R - Where Did All the Animals Go?

Over the last few months, 5R have been involved in a project called "Where Did All the Animals Go?" This was a collaboration with an artist called Jane Lee McCracken and the Great North Museum in town. 


Jane has been educating children around the world about endangered animals and she's been teaching children how to draw amazing pictures of these animals using just biro pens.


Schools all around the world have taken part and Beech Hill has proudly been a part of it.


Jane met 5R back in the winter and the children spent all morning drawing amazing biro pictures of animals which are in danger of becoming extinct. We hope that this will inspire the children to care for the environment and all its creatures. 


Jane took the children's pictures away and turned them into a display in the Great North Museum along with pictures by children from all around the world. 


We took the children to see their finished pictures in the museum! We also had time to have a look around the museum and have some fun while we were there. The children's pictures will be there for a while if you'd like to pop down and see them yourself.