Week 12, Summer Term, 12th July

Literacy: week beginning 12th July

  • Day 1 – Work through the PowerPoint presentation to teach the subjunctive. Children read a formal text, identify the use of the subjunctive and practise writing sentences with subjunctive. They write a job-application letter.
  • Day 2 –Children read an advert and information for a child president scheme. They revise the subjunctive and highlight examples. They write about being president, using the subjunctive.
  • Day 3 –Children read a poem that uses the subjunctive. They read tips about learning by heart and attempt to memorise the poem. They write additional verses in the same style.   
  • Day 4 – Children read a poem and reflect on it. They watch a video about performing poems and take notes. They choose a poem to prepare for performance.
  • Day 5 – Children read two similar poems. They answer comprehension questions and then write to recommend one of the poems to Year 5, giving them tips about performance.

Maths Week 6 summer 2

We are beginning our new unit about statistics this week.





Vertically opposite angles

https://vimeo.com/539065058 and sheet


Angles in a triangle

https://vimeo.com/539543113 and sheet


Angles in a triangle: Special cases

https://vimeo.com/539556997 and sheet


Angles in a triangle: missing angles

https://vimeo.com/539591481 and sheet


Angles in special quadrilaterals

https://vimeo.com/540290601 and sheet