Year 5 in London

Last week we took Year 5 on a residential trip to London, staying two nights in the capital and visiting attractions such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Harry Potter World, Winston Churchill's War Rooms, the Science Museum, and a trip to the theatre to see Matilda. The trip was a great success, and we've asked the children to tell you about it in their own words. We hope you enjoy reading their comments and looking at the pictures.

There were some guards at 10 Downing Street guarding the gates so no one could get in but we were allowed in and allowed to go to the door. The teachers pretended to play knocky nine doors on the door.   John

The policemen on the door of the Prime Minister’s house had pistol guns. One of them showed us his taser gun. We said bye to the guards and as we left we saw the Prime Minister’s car pull up and someone opened the door for him. Mrs Opie nearly fell through the door because she leaning on it.   Mason


When we went in Harry Potter world, there was a massive spider in the middle, like a tarantula. When everyone walked in they looked up and got a fright. Mason

There was a bit where we got told how to move and use the wands. In one room there was a tiny sculpture of Hogwarts and then we went through and saw it full size. Lois

We went on to the set where they actually filmed it.   Mason

We walked along the Hogwarts Express and saw where they sat in the film and then we went outside and saw the bus which squished Harry Potter.    Maddie

When we went around the Harry Potter world we had to find six pictures with stamps on. We were given clues to collect the stamps.  It was just for fun.   John

The lady on the bus gave us passports to put our stamps in.  Lois

We saw the snake which eats the girl. And there were some pots and when you moved your finger around they stirred themselves.  Maddie


We got off the bus and went to the theatre and everyone was excited.  Maddie

In the theatre there were little square books hanging with words written on them. When Matilda started, all the square books went up so you could see the stage.  John

There were books hanging down because Matilda likes reading. Maddie

There was lot of singing.  Mason


We went on the tube.  It went really fast and it was packed with people. It was busy.  We had to take lots of stops.  John

We got off and then walked a little bit to Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament and then we went to Buckingham Palace. Mason

We went to two museums. In Churchill’s war rooms you had to listen to a telephone and it told you all about it.  John

You had to press numbers on the telephone they gave you and it told you all about it. Mason

We looked up and there was a bomb that had been defused. We saw his room where he actually sat and planned his meetings. His ashtray was still there.  Maddie.

We went in a room and on the phone we heard Winston Churchill’s voice.  Lois.

The officers had small rooms and tiny bunk beds. But Winston Churchill had a big room with a bigger table. We learned everyone had to be quiet when he went to sleep. Maddie.


The science museum was spiffing because there were lots of bits where we got to feel different materials. Also we got to see different watches made in different years.  Lois.

Do you know machines which make fabric? There was one of them from olden days which was working. Maddie

They’d made dresses out of carpet and curtains and things we wouldn’t use now. Lois

Upstairs there were old aeroplanes. Maddie

We got to see an actual space shuttle pod which was all rusty. Lois.


At pizza express we had dough balls which you could dip. Maddie

We had a nice tea at pizza express. The pizzas were quite big. Lois.


Thank you very much, we really enjoyed it. Thank you for the experience. John

We would like to go again. I hope the next year it will be the same for the other people if they get to go. Mason.

A really big thank you.  Maddie.

We’re really lucky to be in this school. Lois.