Week 1, Summer Term, 19th April

Literacy plan- 19.4.21

This term, we are starting a new literacy unit based around a mystery story. I love this unit!



Today, I would like you to watch the following video.



Watch it a couple of times as you will notice new things the more you watch it.

Make a list of words which describe:

- The main character

- The setting

- The driver of the car

- The accident


You could do this as a list or as a spider diagram- up to you!



Have a look at the images of the video you watched yesterday. (You can always watch the video again if it helps.)

Use the images to create a spider diagram of descriptive language. I would really like to see expanded noun phrases (adjective, adjective, noun), relative clauses (adding extra information into a sentence) and adverbs (carefully, mysteriously)



Today, I would like you to use the descriptive language you created yesterday to write the opening paragraph to the story. This should include the expanded noun phrases, adverbs and relative clauses that you came up with to describe the images. You need to set the scene and introduce the main character. Only write as far as seeing the car coming round the corner. Describe what the character looks like, what can you hear? Where is he? What is he doing?



Mysteriously, an unknown, strange man stood beside the wreckage of a car in the middle of the burning, hot desert. The upturned car (which was smashed) was surrounded by debris. Noisily, a wheel turned and squeaked until the stranger gently placed his finger on the tyre and silenced the remains. He stood tall, surveying the area. His face (which was mostly covered by a crimson red scarf) showed no emotion. He wore a long, black coat and matching black gloves but most suspiciously of all, were the thick, round goggles which completely hid his eyes…



Reading Comprehension- Back to Earth Newspaper Report. Read through the information and answer the questions. There are 3 different levels- choose the one you feel most comfortable with.




This week’s spellings contain the letter string “ough”.

 Please make sure you understand the meaning of each word so you can use them in your writing.


Please complete one of the grammar mats.

This week we are continuing our work on decimals, including adding and subtracting decimals. 
... and here are the answers!