Thursday 26th March

Hello Year 5


Hope you are enjoying your home learning packs. We are missing your lovely hugs!


Have you had a chance to research the life cycle of bees yet?

Tell your families about some of the facts that Rosie told us at Scotswood.

Can you find out some new facts?

Can you draw a picture of the lifecycle of a honey bee?

Can you think of a question to ask your friends to research?

Post your questions on Class Dojo and your friends can eithertype a response or they can video themselves and upload it.


If your family has not yet joined Class Dojo. Tell them to email Mrs Donaldson on so we can send an invite. 


Just for fun

Draw a funny face or take a photo of yourself pulling a funny face to make your friends laugh. You can also post a message to your friends if you like.

Keep smiling and keep in touch with us!


Mrs Donaldson, Mrs McDonough and Mrs Opie