Year 3 at Scotswood Nature Gardens

This week, Year 3 paid a visit to Scotswood Nature Gardens.  At Beech Hill, we believe it is important that children take part in outdoor learning. This trip was especially helpful for Year 3 as we are currently learning about the Stone Age, so it was a great opportunity to learn how to use natural materials to make things, just like people would have done in the Stone Age.
We were lucky to have such lovely weather for our trip. The children first went hunting through the bushes to find blackberries. They then crushed them up with sticks and mixed them with water to make a red dye. The children also learned how leaves from weeds can be used to make the colour green and that charcoal from burnt wood can be used to draw in black. They children made some interesting designs on cloth using these natural materials.
Next, the children learned about willow, and how it can be bent to make shapes. First we had to massage the willow for five minutes to make it flexible. Then the children were able to bend it into the shape of fish and dream catchers and some children even had a go at making willow stars, which was very tricky.