Year 3 at Beamish Museum

This week, Year 3 visited Beamish Museum near Chester-le-Street. Year 3 are learning about the Victorians this term, so we took them back in time to see what an old mining town would look like. 
We had a lovely day. The children were very well behaved and asked the Beamish staff intelligent and curious questions about the objects they saw.
The children loved riding on an old fashioned tram. They visited shops, a dentist, old houses and saw where coal used to be collected and sorted into trucks.
We also went to a Victorian school for a lesson. The teacher was very strict, carried a cane and even made Mrs Patterson stand in the corner with her hands on her head for talking. It was a brilliant experience for the children to try writing with ink pens and blotting paper instead of pencils or a biro.
Overall, it was a brilliant day out and we hope the children learned a lot about life in the past.