Week 2, Spring Term, 11th January

11th January 2021.

Hi  Year 3!

Hope you all keeping safe and snug at home after the chilly weekend! 

We miss being with you in school and are sending lots of virtual cuddles!

Here are your tasks for the week ahead. You have Maths and literacy to do every day and then this week you have history, art, Spanish, science and ICT so pick one of these to do each day. We hope you have fun completing these tasks and remember to post your work to Dojo so we can see what you are up to!



Start working through the Talk 4 Writing booklet just a little each day.



Multiplication and division

We are starting at autumn week 9 on the White Rose website this week. This will include some recap work on things you did in Year 2 like arrays and making equal groups. You will also have a practise on your 2 and 5 times table which you will be brilliant at!

Some of these tasks may be new to you so make sure you watch the videos on the website below. I will also add some videos across the week on Dojo to help you more.

The sheets are below to download if it will help you. If you don’t have a printer, a few examples jotted down on paper will be just as good.



Try and have a game of Times table Rockstars everyday too and and see we can move up the leaderboard! W e will be sending out your passwords on Dojo incase you’ve forgotten them.



We are starting a new topic on Forces.

Complete the mind map to show everything you already know about forces. What questions do you have?

Complete the worksheet on identifying forces and then investigate different forces in your house:

  •          Opening and closing doors
  •          Opening and closing drawers
  •          Cutting up food
  •          Turning on the TV

Watch BBC Bitesize to find out more.


Lesson 1
What was Jesus like and where did he grow up?

Watch the short film clip if you can.


Create your own image of Jesus.

Think carefully about how you visualise him and how you will show that.

Write down everything you know about Jesus around your drawing.



Claude Monet – Lesson 1

This half term we are going to be exploring the work of Claude Monet.

He is a very famous French artist, who was known for his landscape image. He started an art movement called impressionism where the images were not realistic but his ‘impression of them’

This week can you

  •          Find 5 interesting facts about Monet and write a fact file about him. Where was he born, what made him want to be an artist? Who were his friends?


Being Online - Lesson 1

Over the next few weeks, we are going to look into safety online. The internet can be a brilliant source of entertainment and information and we all use it daily but we need to know how to be safe and to look after ourselves online.

The first task is about cyberbullying. Look at the statements that are classed as cyberbullying and those that are not. Can you make an information booklet or poster explaining what cyber bulling is and isn’t.



Los Animales – Lesson 1

This week we are going to be looking at the Spanish words for different animals.

There is a powerpoint for you to watch on


Log in details will be posted on Dojo and the lesson is Los Animales – Lesson 1

Complete the sheet by filling in the correct animal names. Keep a hold of your work for next week to help you with your next jobs.



Stone age – Lesson 1

Have a look through the PowerPoint to get some ideas than have a go at drawing a hunter-gatherer settlement. or circular house with objects and features such as cave paintings, fires, animal jewellery, bones and tools.

Can you explain what these objects are and what they were used for?


As always, all your teachers are available on class Dojo daily. If you’d like help with a task or just to check in! We love hearing from you!


If you don’t have access to Dojo please email Mrs Donaldson on Fiona.donaldson@beechhill.newcastle.sch.uk so we can send an invite and password. It’s really easy and a lovely way to share your fantastic work.


Stay safe

Team Year 3