Thursday 26th March

Hello children! We hope you are all well. Let's take a look at your activities for the next few days.

Choose your own task from the grid below. You can do more than one if you'd like to! 

Don’t forget you can upload them on Class Dojo where you will receive points and feedback.


PE with Joe at 9am daily on YouTube channel – The Body Coach TV.

Or choose some Go Noodle or Just Dance clips on YouTube to get active. Or go outside on a trampoline if you have one!

Can you carry out an investigation to see if the person in your family with the longest legs can jump the furthest? Order your family according to their leg size then perform a standing a jump each. Did the person with the longest leg jump the furthest? What other factors might influence how far you can jump?
There are some brilliant ideas on the science sparks Facebook page including "tray for a day" which gives you details of a different easy to arrange science activity each day. 


We are coming to the end of our work on fractions. On the White Rose Maths website, there are five lessons about fractions, with videos, worksheets and the answers. Don’t worry if you don’t have a printer, you can write the answers on a piece of paper, or you can say the answers to your adult. You don’t have to do all five lessons in one go, one a day is enough.



We’re almost at the end of our Aztec topic. Can you tell your adult five facts you know about the Aztecs.Just think of all the things you’ve learned about the Aztecs that you could tell them.

We’ve learned about:

Where they came from.

Their city.

Their different jobs.

Aztec food.


Their Gods.

Sun stones.


You’re probably wondering what happened to the Aztecs. That’s what I’d like you to learn about with your adult. I’ve posted two videos links below for you to watch.  You’re going to learn about a man called Hernan Cortes, a Spanish explorer who sailed to America with his soldiers. At first, the Aztecs were amazed by Cortes, they even thought he was a God. But unfortunately for the Aztecs, Cortes planned to conquer them.

After you've watched the videos, can you write about Cortes and how he caused the end of the Aztec Empire? You could do it as a comic strip with pictures, captions and speech bubbles. I would draw about 6 or 8 pictures to tell what happened.  This is what we would have been doing of we'd been in the classroom with each other this week. I've included a download with more information about Cortes and the fall of the Aztec Empire.  Please use it to help you do your work. 


Good luck with your activities. Please don’t spend all day doing school work,  leave plenty of time for play and most importantly of all, take care of yourself.