Thursday 21st May

Thursday 21st May

Year 3 you make me smile daily and impress me with your determination and loving hearts. You really are our superheroes. 

As ever if you need to get in touch aside from Dojo contact me on


Printed work

If anyone needs worksheets printing or additional task just email me to arrange this.


Our Alphabet of Activities is now ready, and we will also be sharing it on this website and the school Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for your contributions. Shows what an inventive and active bunch you are!

For your next writing challenge, I would like you to write about someone that inspires you. It might be someone famous or someone in your family, school or local community.

Log into Oxford Owl and read a book at your colour band level. Are you ready for the next level? Video yourself reading so we can listen to you.
Class name = year 3msr
Class password = WolvesRedkites

Holiday challenge

This is something you can start this week and continue through half-term!

We would love it if you could create your own lockdown collage!

It might include photos, drawings, newspaper articles or headlines, keywords, notes or letters you have written, handprints, anything at all that will remind you of your time spent at home over the last few weeks!

It will be something to look back on when you are older.

Today on White Rose Maths, I'd like you to do Thursday's lesson, which is lesson 4. It is all about counting in tenths. Here is the link and the resources you'll need. 
Then on Friday, I'd like you to head back to the White Rose Maths website to try Friday's lesson. On a Friday, White Rose link up with BBC Bitesize for the last lesson of each week. They will have some maths challenges for you to do. Good luck!
Class novel
Remember if you are missing story time, you can head over to You Tube and listen to our exciting class novel The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. 
Over the last few weeks in Computing you've learned how to write code with Star Wars and Moana, you've changed the Google logo and programmed musical instruments!
Today, I'd like you to try making your own version of the popular mobile app Flappy Bird!
I like this activity because it gives you the chance to experiment with variables. Variables are the things that you can change in the code when you program an app. For example, you can choose the speeds, the score, the sprite (character), background and even the amount the bird flaps (which increases or decreases the sensitivity of the game). 
Once you've made your game, why not ask your adult or your brother or sister to play it. 
Hi everyone, 
We have come to the end of our plant topic. I thought we would therefore do something different today. 
I thought next half term we will have an experiment Thursday where you could suggest an experiment for us to carry out on class dojo and I’ll put the experiment on here.
Here’s this weeks suggestion: (if you want to know who’s idea it was you need to look on class dojo).
Collect a range of objects from around the house that won’t be damaged if they become wet. Things such as a piece of Lego, a toy car, a bottle top or a clothes peg. Make a chart and predict whether you think they will float or sink.  Find a bowl or container for your water then put them in one at a time. Did they float or sink? Why do you think it happened?
Try that one out for yourselves.
Over half term, you could be thinking of another experiment we could do then I’ll collect your ideas and use them on here.
We will do normal science on a Monday of course. Our next topic will be rocks, soils and fossils. I’m especially looking forward to the fossils.
Have a super half term everyone. Keep safe and have fun.
Mrs Scott.