Thursday 16th July

Hi Year 3! We've made it to the end!  It's our last day of home learning. Let's see what we have for you today.
Well this is our last week of doing science together this year. Like Mr Rowlands said on Monday, we would like to say how proud we are of you all and how much we have enjoyed teaching you.
As it’s our last science week, it’s free choice time.
I’d like you to choose a science experiment you’d like to do either from the internet or from a book you may have at home. 
Has some brilliant ideas on it that you might like to try or you could do a STEM activity off this website. You can see some examples from science Sparks in the photographs.
Download a picture onto class dojo so I can see what you’ve been up to.
We have some activities to keep you going over the summer to tell you about!
Summer Reading Bingo
Below you can download a summer reading bingo card. It is full of different reading activities. There is a bingo card with 25 squares and one with 9 squares. You can pick which one you'd like to do. If you complete a line of the bingo card, you will win a prize, and a full house will win a special reward. All you have to do is bring in 3 pieces of reading evidence such as a photo, a drawing, a book review, etc, when we all return to school in September.  
Summer Home Learning
Next we'd like to tell you about our summer home learning guide. The six weeks holidays are approaching and some of you might want to continue with home learning during the holidays. So we have put together ideas for every subject - Literacy, Numeracy and Science, and also the foundation lessons - Art, Computing, DT, Geography, History, Music, PE, PSHE, RE and Spanish. There are various activities and links to websites for every subject. We hope you find it useful - it's not compulsory - but we thought you might like something to help out on a rainy day. 
Enjoy and have a super summer.
Mrs Scott