Week 12, Summer Term, 12th July

Home learning





Can you create a story map and add actions to our class text?

Traction Man is zooming down in his jet powered trainers towards the Planet Duvet wearing his latex space suit and Perspex helmet.

The farm animals are being held captive by the Evil Pillows.

Traction Man jumps on the pillows.  He is wearing his Rocket Boots.  “Ow!” they cry and lumber away.

The farm animals rejoice.  “Hooray for Traction Man!”

Traction Man is diving in the foamy waters of the sink wearing his sub-aqua suit, fluorescent flippers and infra-red mask.  He is searching for the lost wreck of the sieve.

Oh no! This poisonous dishcloth will envelop Traction man and suffocate him!  But what’s this?

Traction Man has been saved…by this brave scrubbing brush!

Well done Scrubbing Brush!  You can be my pet!


Can you make changes to your story map, changing the villain for example?


Start writing up your new superhero story.


Work through the grammar mat.



Spelling Shed, Bug Club or Timetables Rockstars