Thursday 26th March

Hi Year 2,

We hope your week has been okay so far and we miss you all lots.

We have 2 challenges for you today, both linked to our space topic.


Before I explain them, can I remind you that Year 2 are now using Class Dojo. It is a fantastic way to stay connected during this time. Children can share pictures, parents can send us messages and we can comment on all the brilliant work you have been doing. We will also set both challenges on Class Dojo too so you can send us what you have done. If you haven’t already registered, email Mrs March on:


Challenge 1: Design a moon buggy

In DT we started looking at moon buggies and last week we tested different types of wheels. Do you remember we found the buggy with wooden wheels and wooden axles the best? Your challenge for the weekend is to design your own moon buggy. Think about the materials you might use that you could find around the house. Once you have designed it, why not upload it to Class Dojo. We would love to see your fantastic designs.

Challenge 2: Space facts

Can you do some research into space? Try and find 5 fun facts about space. Here’s mine…Did you know astronauts can’t burp in space?!


If you need any help with work etc please feel free to contact us on:


Hope you’re all keeping safe,

Mr Wooton, Mrs Higgins and Mrs March