Week 2, Spring Term, 11th January

Hi Year 2,

We hope you’re all having a lovely time at home and staying safe. We miss you all lots and can’t wait to see you soon.

Alongside all your jobs for the week we have attached an example timetable. This is a guide for how you might want to structure the day. We know every day won’t look like this but it might be good for a bit of routine.



This week in numeracy we are going to be continuing to look at division and sharing. Remember, this is when there is an equal number in every group. For one of the day’s work there is also a video to go alongside which is super helpful.

Video link for Monday’s lesson:


For the rest of the week you should be able to manage without a video link…you’re super at it already!

If you need any help at all, feel free to get in touch!



In literacy this week, we would like you to do some work based around the poem ‘The Quangle Wangle’s Hat’. As you work through the booklet, you will have lots of different challenges- drawing, imagining, reading and creative writing! Have fun!



Each week in grammar we will provide you with an activity mat to complete. These will each have a variety of small and different activities for you to complete.



Last week in science you were finding materials from around the house and looking at their properties. This week we would like you to do some sorting. Find some more materials around the house- it can literally be anything, and think about their properties. We would like you to have a go at sorting your materials. So, for each of the categories below, sort the materials you do have into two piles- if they do not fit into either, don’t worry.

Your categories are:

-Hard /soft


-Wood/Not wood

-Metal/Not metal


So, for example, you might put a water bottle in the ‘hard’ category and a pillow in ‘soft.’



The internet is an amazing place- you can learn so much with a simple click and we are so lucky to have it. But, with so much time spent online, especially at the moment, it’s very important we know how to keep ourselves safe. Today, we would like you to think about a little girl called Penelope. She has posted lots online and commented on things she likes. We want you to see if you can find out what we can tell about her life from looking at what she’s posted. We’ve attached the activity cards and the worksheet too- Have fun!



We are starting to look at Katie Morag and where she lives in geography this half term. To begin, have a watch of Katie Morag taking you of a tour of her island…



When you’ve finished, can you make a list of the things you can see. Let’s try and sort them into human and physical features. Human features are things like houses, roads and bridges- things that have been built by people. Physical features, like seas, mountains and rivers are natural. Here’s an example below:



This week in DT we would like you to design, make and evaluate your own vehicle. You will need to think about the following three things when designing:


  •          Strength – How can you make your vehicle strong enough to carry heavy things? What materials will you use to make your vehicle strong?
  •          Wheels – What type of wheels will travel best over bumpy, uneven surfaces? Small or big wheels? Smooth or textured? What should your wheels be made of?
  •          Vehicle size – As your vehicle needs to carry heavy loads across uneven surfaces, should it be tall and narrow or low and wide?


Have a go at reading on bug club every day- prizes when we are back for those that on it the most.  

PE with Joe

If you fancy having a bit of fun with Joe…type in PE with Joe on ‘YouTube’. He is on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am.


Times Table Rockstars


You have all got your TTRS passwords at home, try and go on as often as possible as it will really help with your recall of your times tables facts- you were all doing so well before Christmas. If you don’t have your password, email me (Mrs March)- My email address is below!


Hope you have a lovely week!


If you have any questions at all, email us on…