Week 7, 19th October


This week in numeracy we will be focussing on partitioning. You can practise this by showing how a whole amount can be split down into 2 different parts. For example, 5 counters can be split down into 2 and 3, or 4 and 1. Try it out with different numbers and record the different groups you find.

Then we will move on to introducing the add symbol. You could use the counters again to write down the number sentences to match the different groups you make. So 3 + 2 = 5, 4 + 1 = 5.

There are also a range of pictures that the children could investigate and write number sentences to match too. Look at the pumpkins, how many sad pumpkins are there? How many happy? How many altogether?

There are some printable resources to go along with these lessons too. Also any practise on number formation is always useful!

Online games and resources:








This week we are going to be writing Halloween magic potion recipes!

  •          Make a list of ingredients for your potion, what kind of creepy things will you put in?
  •          Take some photos of your child doing actions to make your potion recipe
  •          Have a go at writing the recipe using starter words like ‘first’ ‘next’ ‘add’ and ‘then’


Don’t forget you can keep reading with your children using Bug Club!