World Book Day Prize Winners

2nd March 2017

We’ve seen some fantastic World Book Day costumes today. Thank you for making the children look so brilliant. We’ve handed out some prizes for our favourite costumes this morning. So well done to these children who have won a new book as a prize.


Nursery – Lainey (The Gruffalo)

F2A – Emilia (Goldilocks)

F2B – Ethan (Baby bear)

1R – Ameera (Matilda) and Finlay (Mr Bean)

1F – Charlie (Aliens love underpants)

2JP – Lydia (Cat in the hat) and Katie (Topsy and Tim)

2H – Ethan (Mr Twit) and Jessica (Queen of Hearts)

3M – Sienna (Noddy)

3SR – Lindin (Diver Steve)

4H – Abbie (Gangster Granny)

4D – Ellie (Mrs Twit)

5O – Neve D (Pinocchio)

5W – David (Mr Stink)

6TL – Lacey (Mrs Twit)

6M – Jamie (Catniss) 

One of our favourite World Book Day activities was pairing up younger children with older children so they could read with each other. Here you can see Year 5 reading with Year 3 and Year 4 reading with Year 2. 
We saw some fabulous costumes on World Book Day.
The teachers of course joined in too.