Week 11, Summer Term, 5th July

Summer 2 Week 4 Beginning Monday 5th July




Look at the information text attached about Polar bears – go through the words discussing what they mean.  Highlight any unknown words and write down their meanings.


Watch the video about Grizzly bears https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5LkN1OruUg Children to write notes from the video about the bear’s appearance.


Watch the video again – children to take notes on habitat and diet.


Recap on the features of a factsheet and how to set out – title, facts, photo with caption, subheadings, present tense. Show examples of this.

Recap over factsheet language – did you know?  Amazingly, you may not know…   Children to label the features of a factsheet using the factsheet example attached. 


Use the notes which you took on the bear’s appearance and turn into sentences using factsheet language and the subheading ‘Appearance.’



This week we are moving on to time!


Monday: Dates- months of the year and days of the week

 Watch the video then complete the worksheet



Tuesday: Understanding the clock

Show child an analogue clock and explain the different features: that the numbers around the edge going up to 12 show the hours in the day, shown by the short hand. But they can also tell us how many minutes past the hour it is by looking at the longer hand- main understanding needs to be that the short hand points out what hour it is. Build the clock to consolidate.


Wednesday: Time- to the hour

Recap on yesterday’s work on understanding the clock. Watch the video then recap with child.


Play time game to consolidate: https://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=matchingpairstimev3 (select ‘analogue to words’)



Thursday: Time- to the hour

Watch today’s video then complete the worksheet.



Friday: Time to the half hour

Recap on yesterday’s learning and check understanding. Watch today’s video then complete the worksheet. If struggling to understand you could use the clock made earlier on in the week to demonstrate what half past looks like.