Week 11. Summer Term, 5th July

Maths Week 5 summer 2

We are beginning our new unit about statistics this week.





Activity : the mean

https://vimeo.com/530005470 no sheet today


The mean

https://vimeo.com/530005666 and sheet


Measure with a protractor

https://vimeo.com/537307567 and sheet


Recap Draw lines and angles accurately

https://vimeo.com/537308979 and sheet


Introduce angles

https://vimeo.com/537312662 and sheet


Literacy: Week beginning 5th July


o   Day 1 – Children read three author profiles from their blogs. They consider the differences between formal and informal language, and identify examples of both in the blogs.   They write an ‘about me’ profile using informal language. 


o   Day 2Work through the PowerPoint presentation on Active and Passive Voice. They practise turning active sentences to passive and vice versa, then write a short humorous blog using both types of sentence.    


o   Day 3 – Children read a blog post about naughty dogs. They then revise the use of active and passive voice. They re-write a part of the blog-post but this time using formal language and the passive voice as appropriate.    


o   Day 4 Work through the PowerPoint presentation on Clauses and Conjunctions. They complete exercises identifying clauses, phrases, co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions and then use these in own writing.


o   Day 5 – Children read the Mass Observation blog and then revise the features of formal writing, including use of passive voice. They write their own contribution to the project.