Vision and values

Our Vision:

‘Our vision for Valour Academy is that all children will feel loved, happy and safe.

We will provide each child with many and varied opportunities to develop their character to feel accepted; to develop a sense of belonging; to be driven and resilient and to be inspired and be inspiring.'

Dame Nicola Stephenson,

Executive Headteacher.

School Aims:

The children at Beech Hill Primary School can expect to :

• Learn in an ordered, attractive, friendly and stimulating environment.
• Be respected for their personal qualities, valued for their achievements, and acknowledged for their individual needs.
• Be encouraged to become confident, enthusiastic, self motivate and independent learners.
• Have well planned, organised and balanced learning opportunities in which high standards will be encouraged.
• Be expected to keep the school rules, show understanding and respect for others and be a worthwhile member of the school community.