Update 7th September

7th September 2020

Good afternoon all,

Staff have loved being in school today getting things ready for the children’s return tomorrow. We discussed all sorts of things, including some of the questions which parents had passed on so here are some answers which you will hopefully find useful. There is also a Coronavirus related absence quick reference guide and Key Messages for parents from Newcastle City Council which you will find useful.

Snacks in school

Your child will be used to snacking through the day and may well get hungry. There will be time within the school day for children to have snacks to keep them going so please send some things in with your child to enjoy. While we know they would be happy to munch on chocolate all day, please try to send a variety of things, including healthy options. We will also be ordering extra fruit for children to snack on.

Packed lunch boxes

Children can bring in packed lunches in their usual boxes as these will be kept with the children in their classroom until they go to the dining room. Please make sure they are cleaned when they come home.

School dinners

Children will have the option of the usual delicious menu and we will be using the band system. The bands will be fully disinfected every day. If you pay for your child’s dinner, you can send cash in with your child, pay over the phone or, if you make an appointment, directly with the card machine in the reception area.

PE kits

As was in the letter last week, if your child has PE, they can come in, and stay in, their PE kit that day. The PE kit should be just plain joggers and a PE t-shirt, there is no need and we would discourage children from wearing designer clothing for school. While a lot of the PE lessons will be outside, depending on the weather and the skill, some sessions will be inside. All equipment will be thoroughly cleaned between lessons and groups.

Playtimes and lunchtimes

The timings of play and lunch time have been staggered so children can stay in their bubbles during these times. To make this easier, we will be playing on the field every day. This may mean that children come home looking slightly more muddy than usual – apologies in advance for additional mud marks J 


As the children will be staying in their bubbles, there is less emphasis on uniform being washed every night. We have heard that there has been a shortage of some sizes of kilts; we have been in touch with the uniform shop and hopefully they will have them in soon. In the meantime, a plain grey kilt or skirt will be suitable for school.