Hello everyone,

Welcome to our revamped curriculum STEM page. Here we will be posting a range of activities that you can have fun completing with your children at home.

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics - it's a big part of our Science curriculum and it's going to play a massive part in the children's future careers. These activities focus on building up the skills the children will need in the future in a practical way.


Building Bridges | NUSTEM

This is a fun activity based around the story book;

Iggy Peck, Architect on Vimeo

It involves building bridges across a gap using materials you have readily at home.


Build a nest | NUSTEM

This is another fun activity that fits in with our whole school project The big garden bird watch. Again this activity can be completed with materials you will have readily available at home.


Episode 1: Rubber Band Bass Guitar | Institute of Physics (

This video explores how noise is made using a rubber band with an activity for you and your children to carry out. All the science is clearly explained.


Lockdown activities for kids in winter - Woodland Trust

This website has lots of ideas on winter activities you can do with your children on your winter walks.


ESA - Space for Kids

If your children are fascinated by space, this is a great website to visit as it is full f amazing facts, games and activities all to do with space.



If you have enjoyed these activities or would like to complete something different, please use the links below where there are a range of activities for you and your child to enjoy at home.


Do Try This at Home | Institute of Physics (