Start the week with a smoothie

25th October 2018


Start the week with a smoothie!

After half term we will be trialling a smoothie tuckshop every Monday. Children can buy a smoothie for 50p, with all profits going towards the cost of installing a running track. As some of you may know, we are aiming to raise £6,000 by the end of the year.

Each year group will have the tuck shop every other week and if all goes well we will continue after Christmas.

Each year group will get their smoothie tuck shop on the following Mondays:

Monday Year group Year group   
5th November       Reception Year 3/4
12th November Training day       
19th November Year 1/2 Year 5 /6
26th November Reception Year 3/4
3rd December Year 1/2 Year 5/6
10th December Reception Year 3/4
17th December Year 1/2 Year 5/6