St Nicholas Cathedral

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The children were honoured to be invited to take part in the Royal British Legion’s remembrance service for the soldiers of WW1. 

Every child at Beech Hill Primary made a poppy which was used as part of our display at the cathedral.

The children had the opportunity to discover more about WW1.  They were thrilled to discover they used periscopes to see over the trenches as we have been making periscopes in science.

The children took part in the tableau, where they re-enacted the Renwick memorial, ‘The Response’ with students from Newcastle College.

I really enjoyed the whole day and felt very proud. I loved talking to the soldiers and finding out more about WW1

Mark Glendinning


I enjoyed working with the Students from Newcastle College they were all very friendly and helpful.

Kayleigh Liddle


Thank you to the children who took part:

Kayleigh Liddle

Molly O’Brien

Libby Renwick

Nathan McNiven

Mark Glendinning