Spelling Bee

23rd March 2017
This morning, Dame Nelson's two schools battled it out in our main hall - we had a Spelling Bee! The best spellers in each class were invited to represent our school against Walbottle Village Primary. 
The overall winner was from Beech Hill - it was Nishka Bharti from Miss Richardson's Year 1 class. A fantastic achievement!
Well done Nishka, you've done an amazing job to beat all those older children. 
We hope all the children who took part had fun showing off their spelling skills! 
A great result for Beech Hill in the Spelling Bee. We won the Year 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6 prizes along with the overall prize. Abbie (Year 6), Hassan (Year 5), Lexie (Year 4), Sienna (Year 3) and Nishka (Year 1) did a brilliant job this morning.