Self Evaluation Form

At Beech Hill we are committed to self assessment and self improvement. As part of the process of analysing what we do, we complete a Self Evaluation Form (SEF) where we review and grade ourselves using the latest criteria. If you would like to read a copy of our Self Evaluation Form, it is available to download below.
We'd like to share our latest Achievement Partner Report with you.  The report is written by a gentleman called Nick Conway, who is a head teacher. He visits our school regularly to check our self evaluations, talk with children, look at books and to meet with our management team. He then compiles a report grading our current performance. We are delighted that after his latest visit in November 2016, Mr Conway graded us as 'Outstanding' in all areas.
To read the full report, please click the link below to download a copy. 
We have also included a copy of the previous report.