School Menus

In September we will be introducing a coloured banding system for our school meals so that we ensure children get the meal of their choice.

Children will be shown pictorial menus at registration and choose which colour meal option they would like that day.  They will be issued with a coloured band which they will wear on their wrist until lunchtime.   When they go for their lunch they will then hand over their band to the kitchen staff and receive the meal of their choice.

In order for the cook to prepare the required meals the class numbers must be submitted to the kitchen by 9.05am. It is important children arrive on time so they can choose their option as any children coming in late after that time will be issued with a white band and the cook will prepare more of one option for those children.  Menus will be on the website by the summer break.

Would you like more information about what is on our school menu? Then please click the link below to see the meals that we will be serving this year. You can look online with your child and see what is going to be on the menu each week and help them to make their choices. 

Just click on the download below to find out more. 

Also, you can see where our food is supplied from by clicking the link below and visiting Newcastle City Council's website.

 We hope your children will enjoy tucking in to these nutritious, healthy meals.