Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

13th May 2022
It's Friday which means it must be time to announce our weekly award winners. Each week, we look back at what the children have achieved and pick out those children who have either made super progress or amazed us with their positive attitude. It's a lovely way to end the week. Well done to all of this week's winners!  


Reader of the Week – Willow Robertson

Writer of the Week – Scarlett Keenan

Mathematician of the Week – Mason Battista

Star of the Week – Ava Finlay



Reader of the Week – William Haymer

Writer of the Week – Lenix Miller

Mathematician of the Week – Liylah-Rose Piercy

Star of the Week – Jackson Jardine



Reader of the Week – Ronnie Roach

Writer of the Week – Chase Notman

Mathematician of the Week – Sophie Jackson

Speller of the week – Indie-Rose Battista

Star of the Week – Lennox Ramsay



Reader of the Week – Lacie Gallon

Writer of the Week – Emelia Moore

Mathematician of the Week – Hunter Clarke

Speller of the week – Dwoki Jada

Star of the Week – Iris Bad-Agyeman



Reader of the Week – Denver Dunwoodie

Writer of the Week – Dexter Williams

Mathematician of the Week – Jack Marshall

Speller of the week – Jacob Sowerby

Star of the Week – Miah Jardine



Reader of the Week – Lucas Stephenson

Writer of the Week – Roman Coyle

Mathematician of the Week – Tiana Maddison

Speller of the week – Frankie Durkan

Star of the Week – River Keenan



Reader of the Week – Idrees Ahmad

Writer of the Week – Riley Bartle

Mathematician of the Week – Logan Swinburne

Speller of the week – Ben Stephenson

Star of the Week – Aadhya



Reader of the Week – Lennon Davison

Writer of the Week – Lilly Jardine

Mathematician of the Week – Keya Shah

Speller of the week – Thomas Stewart

Star of the Week – Bella Somerville



Reader of the Week – Paige Shreeve

Writer of the Week – Jasmine Jones

Mathematician of the Week –  Livia Berkhout

Speller of the week – Kage Butler

Star of the Week – Evie Dixon



Reader of the Week – Rhianna Rogers

Writer of the Week – Frankie Slater

Mathematician of the Week – Oscar Mills

Speller of the week – Lainey Dixon

Star of the Week – Lilly Willis 



Reader of the Week – Danielle McPartland

Writer of the Week – Ava McGlen

Mathematician of the Week – Jamie McDonald

Speller of the week – Phoebe Haswell

Star of the Week – Lacey Kew



Reader of the Week – Blake Chapman

Writer of the Week – Joseph Levy

Mathematician of the Week – Kayden Pringle

Speller of the week – Grace Clark

Star of the Week – Cruz Turnbull



Reader of the Week – TJ Laws

Writer of the Week – Dhara Amin

Mathematician of the Week – Ebony Charlton

Speller of the week – Zi Lui

Star of the Week – Vinnie Thompson



Reader of the Week – James Oxley

Writer of the Week – Leon Johnson

Mathematician of the Week – Kayleigh Levy

Speller of the week – Nishka Bharti

Star of the Week – Jamie Ashton