Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

18th March 2022
It's that time of the week when we announce our weekly award winners! Well done to all of the children who have been chosen for their hard work and progress this week. We are so proud of you all. 


Reader of the Week – Spencer Ellwood

Writer of the Week – Alesha Ahmad

Mathematician of the Week – Emily Carr

Star of the Week – Austin Erskine



Reader of the Week – Adya Russell

Writer of the Week – Liylah-Rose Peircy

Mathematician of the Week – Cassandra Williams

Star of the Week – Annabelle Davison



Reader of the Week – Charlie Scorer

Writer of the Week – Callum Brown

Mathematician of the Week – Ella-Grace Ridley

Speller of the week – Halle Dixon-Smith

Star of the Week – Kobe Bartlett



Reader of the Week – Maddison Allman

Writer of the Week – Olivia Darrington

Mathematician of the Week – Macey Eadington

Speller of the week –  Hunter Eadington

Star of the Week – Mansi Dave



Reader of the Week – George Roach

Writer of the Week – Mazie Darrington

Mathematician of the Week – Harley Adamson

Speller of the week – Lilly Brown

Star of the Week – Emily Kirton



Reader of the Week – Emily Macdonald

Writer of the Week – Frankie Durkan

Mathematician of the Week – Frankie Durkan

Speller of the week – Jiya Amin

Star of the Week – Michael Christian  



Reader of the Week – Ben Stephenson

Writer of the Week – Chad Gibbons

Mathematician of the Week – Idrees Ahmad

Speller of the week – Frankie Wallace

Star of the Week – Maurya Patel



Reader of the Week – Laila Jackson

Writer of the Week – Alexia Tulip-Benatal

Mathematician of the Week – Fatima Jaiteh

Speller of the week – Ava Dudding

Star of the Week – Nate Smith



4M are away on a residential trip.



Reader of the Week – James Hull

Writer of the Week – Jessica Lewis

Mathematician of the Week – Karina Kausilaite

Speller of the week – Evie Dixon

Star of the Week – Jaxson Coyle



Reader of the Week – Macie Taylor

Writer of the Week – Jamie McDonald

Mathematician of the Week –

Speller of the week – Ethan Kelly

Star of the Week – Charlie Baxter



Reader of the Week – Reggie Roach

Writer of the Week – Kendra Agyeman-Badu

Mathematician of the Week – Kayden Pringle

Speller of the week – Amelia Battista

Star of the Week – Victory Onomar



Reader of the Week – Rosie Irving

Writer of the Week – Jake Ferguson

Mathematician of the Week – Zi Lui

Speller of the week – Joe Richardson

Star of the Week – Ellie Hutchinson



Reader of the Week – Sai Patel

Writer of the Week – Harsh Patel

Mathematician of the Week – Jacob Darrington

Speller of the week – Lexi Routledge

Star of the Week – Aleem Khan