Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

17th June 2022
It's that time of the week again when we announce our weekly award winners! It's been another busy week in school and also a hot one with temperatures on the rise! But the children have coped well with the heat, we've had some lovely sunny break times along with lots of hard work in the classrooms. So let's see which children have caught our eyes with their hard work and brilliant attitudes this week. 


Reader of the Week – Isabella Johnston

Writer of the Week – Heidi Johnston

Mathematician of the Week – Willow Robertson

Star of the Week – Adam Khalil



Reader of the Week – Joe-Harvey Britt

Writer of the Week – Emilie Bell

Mathematician of the Week – Emilia Marshall

Star of the Week – Lenix Miller



Reader of the Week – Lennox-Storm Harrison

Writer of the Week – Chase Notman

Mathematician of the Week – Leo Spence

Speller of the week – Audrey Elliott

Star of the Week – Alice Watson



Reader of the Week – Layla Erkutel

Writer of the Week – Lacie Gallon

Mathematician of the Week – Finn Atkins

Speller of the week – Bobbi-Mae Pearson

Star of the Week – Vivan Sharma



Reader of the Week – Emily Kirton

Writer of the Week – Dolly Cavagin

Mathematician of the Week – Neel Bharti

Speller of the week – Jack Marshall

Star of the Week – Lilly Brown



Reader of the Week – Michael Christian

Writer of the Week – Angela Liu

Mathematician of the Week – Lucas Stephenson

Speller of the week – River Keenan

Star of the Week – Mariama Jallow



Reader of the Week – Suzanna Howard

Writer of the Week – Jimmy Harrison

Mathematician of the Week – Vinnie Mann

Speller of the week – Idrees Ahmad

Star of the Week – Ben Stephenson



Reader of the Week – Ava Dudding

Writer of the Week – Charlie Wallace

Mathematician of the Week – Fatima Jaiteh

Speller of the week – Alexia Tulip-Benatal

Star of the Week – Daegan Drady



Reader of the Week – Rhys Rolph

Writer of the Week – Skye Jackson

Mathematician of the Week – Paige Shreeve

Speller of the week – Savannah Ramsay

Star of the Week – Jasmine Jones



Reader of the Week – Oscar mills

Writer of the Week – Frankie Slater

Mathematician of the Week – Lily Willis

Speller of the week – Adelina Voicu

Star of the Week – Lainey Dixon



Reader of the Week – Legion Graham-Curtis

Writer of the Week – Noah Edwards

Mathematician of the Week – Jamie McDonald

Speller of the week – Ava McGlen

Star of the Week – Charlie Baxter



Reader of the Week – Blake Chapman

Writer of the Week – Navara Wright

Mathematician of the Week – Toni-Leigh Hall

Speller of the week – Gisellatyne Battista

Star of the Week – Joshua Scott



Reader of the Week – Presley Mkwebu

Writer of the Week – Ebony Charlton

Mathematician of the Week – Almahde Geebren

Speller of the week – Jovi Gregson Gibson

Star of the Week – Frances Hewittson



Reader of the Week – John-Lee Turnbull

Writer of the Week – Harsh Patel

Mathematician of the Week – Lexie-Mae Routledge

Speller of the week – Jazba Kanwal

Star of the Week – Tianna Roach