Number of the Day

Number of the Day

One of our favourite morning activities is Number of the Day. This is a nice, simple task that we ask children to do while we call the register. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to do one of the activities, but in that time, children cover a lot of skills such as writing numbers, spelling numbers in words, place value, adding and subtracting, ordering, partitioning and rounding. We like Number of the Day because it gives children the chance to regularly practise these important numerical skills.


You can find Number of the Day by following this link:


There is 2 digit version for Key Stage 1 children (Years 1 and 2)


There is also a junior version, recommended for Year 3 and 4.


There is a 4 digit version recommended for Year 4 and upwards:


There are also 5 and 6 digit versions for our Upper Key Stage 2 children (Years 5 and 6)