Latest Attendance Figures

27th November 2020
Our latest attendance figures are in. This time, 2G have just inched ahead of both Reception classes. Well done 2G for having our best attendance last week. 
Our overall leaderboard for this half term looks like this: 

1st – Chipmunks (F2A)

2nd – Gophers (2G)

3rd – Pink Hippos (5MS)


The Chipmunks still hold first place but the Gophers are starting to catch up! 

Class % Attendance
F2A 97.8
F2B 97.9
1R 92.5
1KJ 95.9
2M 90.1
2G 98
3M 95.9
3D 97.5
4M 94.2
4O 93.1
5MS 96.1
5R 94.7
6M 89.3
6TL 96.2
TOTAL 94.9