New classes for September

13th July 2017

Yesterday in assembly we announced our new classes and their animal names. Children had the chance to spend a little bit of time in their new classrooms with their new teachers. As ever some of our teachers have been creative with their choice of animal names. Good luck to Mrs Eatock who now has her annual job of finding a soft cuddly toy for each of these animals. We’d also like to warmly welcome Mr Greenwood and Mr Davidson,  our two new teachers, to the Beech Hill team.

Our new classes are:

F2A The Lambs (Mrs Kemp)

F2B The Tigers (Miss Farnham)

1P The Mice (Miss Potts)

1F The Sausage Dogs (Mrs Fielding and Mrs Mantle)

2R The Clown Fish (Miss Richardson)

2H The Unicorn Fish (Miss Hooper)

3SR The Falcons (Mrs Scott and Mr Rowlands)

3D The Aardvarks (Mr Davidson)

4D The Deer (Mrs Donaldson)

4G The Beavers (Mr Greenwood)

5O The Elephants (Mrs Opie)

5W The Crocodiles (Mr Wooton)

6TL The Axolotls (Mrs Telfer and Mrs Lisle)

6M The Aye-ayes (Mrs Manning)