New Class Names and Teachers

4th July 2019

On Wednesday, we had our “Moving Up Morning”, where our children found out who their new teachers are for next year.  It was also a chance for the children to spend some time in their new classroom and to get to know their teacher. The children helped pick the animal name of their class as well.

F2A: Miss Richardson, The Billy Goats (From September, Miss Richardson will be Mrs Dickenson)

F2B: Miss Farnham, The Donkeys.

1FJ: Mrs Fielding and Mrs Jobson, The Pink Dolphins.

1R: Miss Potts, The Red Pandas. (From September, Miss Potts will be Mrs Rainford)

2HW: Mrs Higgins and Mr Wooton, The Fireflies.

2M: Mrs March, The Labradoodles.

3M: Mrs Mantle, The Wolves.

3SR: Mrs Scott and Mr Rowlands, The Red Kites.

4M: Mrs Morren, The Huskies.

4G: Mr Greenwood, The Owls.

5M: Mrs McDonough, The Flamingos.

5D: Mrs Donaldson, The Toucans

6M: Mrs Manning, The Lions.

6TL: Mrs Telfer and Mrs Lisle, The Jaguars.