Mrs Eatock's January letter

4th January 2021

Dear Families,

Happy New Year! I hope you are well and you had a wonderful Christmas holiday relaxing and spending time with your families. 

Due to the national lockdown, we are revising some parts of our Risk Assessment and would be grateful if you could take note of the following:


Key worker and vulnerable children

School will be open just for key worker and vulnerable children. There is a form on our website for you to let us know if this applies to you. 


Masks and Face Coverings and Social Distancing

Unless you are exempt from wearing a mask or face covering, please wear one when you are waiting to admit your child to school and be particularly mindful of keeping a social distance. This means that arriving at school on time is essential so that we don’t have mixing of bubbles and only one adult per family should be dropping off. Thank you for your cooperation with this – we appreciate your efforts and support.


Children who are unwell

We are now asking that you do not send children into school if they are unwell in any way at all. This includes having a cold, upset stomach, headache etc. This is because we now know that Covid-19 can have different symptoms, especially for children, and we want to avoid spreading the virus, especially during this time when we are being told to be extremely cautious. If your child becomes unwell in school, we will contact you to collect them. We suggest that you get a Covid test for peace of mind if your child is unwell in any way. We can give you advice on booking a test or may be able to supply you with a test if you are unable to get to a test centre.


Since we were in school before Christmas, the guidance has changed on how long children need to isolate – close contacts now need only isolate for 10 days rather than the previous 14. In order to try to keep the virus from spreading within classes and bubbles, if a child in the class tests positive, we will be asking that all children in that class or bubble isolate for 10 days. If one of your children is asked to isolate, please remember that, unless they have been told otherwise, your other children can continue to attend school. If any of your children are isolating, they do not need to have a test unless they are showing symptoms.

Thank you so much for your support during these ever changing times, we are expecting updated guidance from the government which may mean that things change again and we will of course keep you informed as soon as we know.


Stay safe 


With very best wishes


Jess Eatock

Head teacher