Moving Up Morning

12th July 2018

On Monday, we had our moving up morning, where our children found out who their new teachers are for next year.  It was a chance for the children to spend a little time in their new classroom and to get to know their new teacher. The children also found out the new animal name of their class next year as well. Here is our list of classes and teachers for next year. 

Nursery: Mrs Carter, The Rabbits.

F2A: Mrs Kemp, The Bumble Bees.

F2B: Miss Farnham, The Flamingos.

1FM: Mrs Fielding and Mrs Mantle, The Koalas.

1P: Miss Potts, The Hummingbirds.

2R: Miss Richardson, The Starfish.

2M: Mrs March, The Dalmations.

3D: Mr Davidson, The Badgers.

3SR: Mrs Scott and Mr Rowlands, The Kestrels.

4M: Mrs Morren, The Mountain Gorillas.

4G: Mr Greenwood, The Otters.

5O: Mrs Opie, The Camels.

5DM: Mrs Donaldson and Mrs McDonough, The Llamas.

6MW: Mrs Manning and Mr Wooton, The Penguins.

6TL: Mrs Telfer and Mrs Lisle, The Pigeons.