Reader, Writer, Speller, Mathematician and Star of the Week

20th May 2022

It's Friday which means it's time to find out our weekly award winners! Every week our staff pick their readers, writers, spellers, mathematicians and stars of the week. A huge well done to all of these children who have caught our eye this week with their super progress and positive attitudes towards learning. 



Reader of the Week – Austin Erskine

Writer of the Week – Heidi Lowery

Mathematician of the Week – Darcey Richardson

Star of the Week – Riley Kelly



Reader of the Week – Kai James Rowe

Writer of the Week – Leo Mallet

Mathematician of the Week – Reggie Porter

Star of the Week – Lily Rischmiller



Reader of the Week – Audrey Elliott

Writer of the Week – Lilly - Mae Gibbon

Mathematician of the Week – Mason Wilkinson

Speller of the week – Ronnie Roach

Star of the Week – Halle Dixon-Smith



Reader of the Week – Dwoki Jada

Writer of the Week – Layla Ertukel

Mathematician of the Week – Zack Kaushik

Speller of the week – Olivia Darrington

Star of the Week – Lucas-Gary Rogerson



Reader of the Week – Charlotte Taylor

Mathematician of the Week – Roxy Campbell

Speller of the week – Mazie Darrington

Star of the Week – Jack Marshall



Reader of the Week – Eli McGlen

Writer of the Week – Izzie Goodall

Mathematician of the Week – Marshall Robson

Speller of the week – Michael Christian

Star of the Week – Riaan Pathare



Reader of the Week – Lilly Taylor

Writer of the Week – George Mangan

Mathematician of the Week – Gabriella Campbell- Battista

Speller of the week – Kayden Barrass

Star of the Week – Suzanna Howard



Reader of the Week – Bella Somerville

Writer of the Week – Lenny Quinn

Mathematician of the Week – Tony Kelly

Speller of the week – Lennon Davison

Star of the Week – Thomas Stewart



Reader of the Week – Lilly-Ann Turnbull

Writer of the Week – Ben Rochester

Speller of the week – Daisy Willis

Mathematician of the Week - Jowan Jada

Star of the Week – Oliver Barnes



Reader of the Week – Angel Johnston

Writer of the Week – Sophia Calvert

Speller of the week – Savannah Tullin

Mathematician of the Week - Lily-Mae Stewart

Star of the Week – Miley Hall



Reader of the Week – Harry Hall

Writer of the Week – Jack white

Mathematician of the Week – AJ Kelley

Star of the Week – Priya Dhindsa



Reader of the Week – Amelia Battista

Writer of the Week – Ivy Dicks

Mathematician of the Week – Archie Rowan

Speller of the week – Reggie Roach

Star of the Week – Lola Turner



Reader of the Week – Harshil Jayswal

Writer of the Week – Zi Liu

Mathematician of the Week – Archie Bartle

Speller of the week – Crystal Johnson

Star of the Week – Ellie Hutchinson



Reader of the Week – Finley Johnstone

Writer of the Week – Sai Patel

Mathematician of the Week – Charly Pratt

Speller of the week – Leighton Lambert

Star of the Week – Poppy Rowell